The Milkor UCAV is a multi-functional airborne platform that can be used for surveillance, reconnaissance and opportunistic engagement operations. With a wide variety payload options, the UCAV acts as a guardian in the sky and can conduct extended range and long endurance missions.World leading optical

equipment integration onto the UCAV platform provides real-time high definition, infrared, multispectral video, and data acquisition that is transmitted over remote receivers. Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar (iSAR) for maritime monitoring are both technologies that are inclusive in the Milkor UCAV platform.


The UCAV is designed for operational versatility whilst autonomous flight, take-off and landing is achieved through its onboard flight control system. A control system featuring pathway placement and loiter pattern ensures the simplification and success of complex missions. Five hardpoints included in the Milkor UCAV design allows interchangeability for podded electronic warfare solutions, weapon systems and external containers. The UCAV allows for adaptability according to customer requirements with a specially engineered airframe that ensures long endurance at medium altitudes, allowing increased performance on all fronts and all-weather conditions. A modular design approach was included in the ground control station (GCS), allowing customizability for each customer to ensure optimal operation and functionality of the UCAV.


MILKOR has independently developed the UCAV System to specifically support the integration of the following in relation to its ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) system capabilities:

Fully autonomous flight
Modular design layout
Dual redundant communication systems
Direct line of sight communications
Satcom capable on enquiry
Optronic payload (diameter up to 500mm)
Optional laser designator and/or laser illuminator
Optional integration of custom intelligence payloads
iTAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) Free
Countermeasure capable
Ground support suite
Fully containerised for deployment


The MILKOR UCAV is a modern multi-role Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) platform that offers an extensive range of mission payloads suited for surveillance, reconnaissance and target engagement.


Maximum Range 2000+ km
Maximum Endurance 35 h
service Ceiling 30000 ft
Length 9 m
Wingspan 18.6 m
MTOW ( Max Take-off weight) 1300 kg
Max Payload 210 kg (515 kg included fuel)
Fuel Capacity 305 kg
Maximum Speed 250km/h
Cruise Speed 110-150km/h
Fuel Type 110LL Avgas / 93 UL Mogas

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