Milkor 40 MM

The AGL is an adjustable fully automatic, belt fed grenade launcher operating on the short recoil principle, making it the perfect force multiplier to a wide range of applications. The AGL has been designed for mobility, stability and superior accurancy during operation. The weapon an be utilized using a tri-pod to make it easily deployable in urban and rugged terrains or configured with an advance fire control system for use on remote control weapon systems.


Length 1030mm
Width 180mm (min) 240mm (max)
Height 184mm
Weight 27 kg
Barrel Length Action 410 mm
Firing Position 3-Fold (Locks trigger, trigger sear)
Mode Selector Open Breech
Rate of Fire Safe / Single Shot / Automatic 250 -350 rpm
Cartridge 40 x 53mm
Muzzle Velocity 230 - 240m/s
Effective Range 1500m
Maximum Range 2200m
Detachable Ladder Sight 100m - 1500m
Auxiliary Attachments Picatinny Rail