Milkor EMS

The Milkor EMS is a 16m aluminum monohull designed specifically for rapid emergency response teams that operate in shallow waters and local water ways with restricted access.

Milkor’s naval defense solution division has designed this vessel with key elements of safety, accessibility and rapid response. The design includes a bow ramp that provides critical access for rough shore boarding procedures. The design optimizes vertical clearance of the cabin superstructure to allow the vessel to comfortably pass-through restrictive areas.

The milkor ems vessel provides medical services, equipment, and tools necessary for basic field surgery and paramedics, this vessel is critical for operations in remote locations where access is very limited by roads or air transport.


Length Overall (L.O.A) 16m
Beam 3.93 m
Draught 0.85 m
Displacement (Full Load) 18 tonnes
Engine 2 x 1000 hp
Propulsion 2 x Waterjet
Personnel 4
Passenger 4 - 6 pax
Diesel 2 x 1300 L
Cruising Speed 25 knots
Max. Speed 40 knots